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State Assembly Bill AB8 authorizes a small portion of the property taxes collected by the County from property located in the District to be returned to the District for health care needs in the District. It is important to understand that this is not a special tax, but, is a portion of the normal 1% property taxes property owners pay to the County.

If Redbud Health Care District didn't exist, this tax money would be retained by the County to be used for purposes other than health care.

The District FY is July 1 through June 30. However, the County doesn't start sending tax money until the next January thru June. Therefore, the District has no tax revenue from the County for the first 6 months of the District FY. As a result, the District must base the present years FY Budget, which is prepared in June, on an estimate from the County.

Many non-profit organizations need the District Grant funds starting in July. Thus, the District draws funds from the Hospital sale money and replaces it when the County funds are received.