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Service Area Map

Redbud Health Care District was established in 1964 to own and operate a Hospital located in Clearlake to improve health care primarily in the Southern part of Lake County. By law, the District was divided into five Zones. Each Zone is represented by a Board Member. The Board Member must live within the Zone that they represent. The present District area and Zone boundaries are shown on the District Map below.
When the Zones were established in 1964, the population/voter density in each Zone was completely different than it is today. Thus, the District is presently in the process of reestablishing the Zone boundaries based on the latest area Census and voter registration information.
The Lake County Local Agency Formation Commission (Lake LAFCO) is a quasi-legislative local agency created in 1963 to assist the State in encouraging the orderly development and formation of local agencies such as the Redbud Health Care District. Lake LAFCO is responsible for periodically preparing a Sphere of Influence (SOI) report to plan the probable physical boundaries and service area of the District. Prior to preparing an SOI, a Municipal Service Review (MSR) is prepared to analyze, among other things, the District’s capability to serve existing and future residents of the area. 
Results of the latest Lake LAFCO review are contained in report Lake LAFCO MSR/SOI, March 21, 2012. LAFCO Resolution 2012-0001 approves the MSR. LAFCO Resolution 2012-0002 approves the SOI.

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