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Grant Program

Request for Assistance (RFA) Preparation Information

Actions taken by the Board regarding funding for Grants are per written procedures. The Grant process is initiated upon receiving a Request For Assistance (RFA) from nonprofit organizations involved in health care programs. All RFAs are reviewed by the Board in meetings open to the public and with the agenda items posted per the requirements of the Brown Act. The RFAs are reviewed to assure that, if approved, they meet the requirements for assistance as outlined in the procedures. The primary requirements for a program to be considered for health care funding are that the requesting organization is nonprofit, that the program will benefit the citizens of the District, and that the Board finds the program necessary to provide the citizens of the District with needed health care services. After review, programs are voted on by the Board to determine if a Grant should or can be made consistent with available funding. When the District approves an RFA, a Grant Agreement is prepared per procedure between the District and the Grantee. The Grant Agreement states the Grant amount, what the funds can be used for, timing, reporting requirements, what happens if the funds aren't spent properly, etc. 
The Board focus is not only on health care, but, also on a healthy community approach. The Board doesn’t approve RFAs if they don't meet the healthcare requirement or if there are similar programs being funded. Also, the Board doesn’t approve the total amount requested in many cases since more and more requests for increasing amounts are being requested.

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